Sunday, November 22

Madison STAY!!!

These two pictures sum up the week with Madison- football one minute. Barbies the next. 

Madison LOVES smoothies! She was so polite at ever meal! She sat in her seat till her food was gone and said, "May I be excused?" We sat down to eat and she said, "Do you know what we do at our house before dinner? My dad says 1, 2, 3 thank you mom." It was so cute! We kept saying Mads we want you to stay here with us and she would quickly say, "No, I have to go back to Virginda. My friends are there. My dad has important school there." She is just a little gem to have around.  Her mom was in Awahe and her dad was in Virginda. She's a trooper with her asthma and I wish we didn't know this but she's a trooper through motion sickness.  We took her on a very dizzy ride!

We went to the witches house with Tilly and Fisher.  The girls loved finding every witch but Taggart could not stop begging for the candy shop.  We gave in and he got the funniest gummy hamburger hotdog treat and Madison picked out chocolate.  I loved seeing the difference in treat tastebuds.

Library and park strolls. So fun having three!!

Hires with Ginny, Kari and the kiddos. Then ginny took the kids on a date to chick-fil-a and the toy store.  They loved it! Such a young GG!

Cookies and playing with Luke for an afternoon.

All five of us would ride to the park on this contraption.  So hilarious we almost laughed ourselves off the bike!
We went to the U game and left the kiddos with Kari one rainy cold night!

Madsion LOVES music.  Tagg rarely tells me when to change a song or what he prefers to listen to so I wasn't prepare with a musically savy neice. Madison would be singing along to the CD's in my car. Ask me for a certain song. Sing it later as she was playing. She loves music. This is when the music was just too good!


Linda Dunn said...

What a doll you are to let Maddie come for a week. I love seeing her fancy hairdo's and love hearing al the details of her stay and her love for all of you!

emi said...

LOVE seeing these two together! so fun. her bun in the library pic is SO CUTE! such a fun stay!