Sunday, November 22

Snowbird Hillclimb for Brady and SG Marathon with Kelsie

Brady always does well in the snowbird hillclimb.  He was second place this year and all smiles the whole ride.

I signed up for the St George marathon in hopes to get back in shape after Lydia.  I didn't prepare well enough but it sure was fun to run with Kels and have Brady and the cute kiddos to cuddle along the way.
This was the point where we switched music and Kels told me all my playlists were junk as I was rocking out to her good chick music.  I need to step up my game in the music department.  I'm still rocking out to my high school classics that are so not cool anymore.  

Brady got yelled at a few times running along side us down Snow Canyon. 

Come on hips...pick up the pace. I was running sideways, backwards, any way but forwards by the end because my hips hurt so bad.  Kels would have finished an hour earlier if she wasn't trying to stay by my side.  I really slowed her down!

We drove home saturday night and were home spinning lettuce for conference dinner!

Brady got to translate conference Sunday session and loved the talks he got so familiar with.

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Linda Dunn said...

So proud of you guys. Way to go!!! Love both events and so happy to see you out supporting each other.