Monday, April 18


Christmas Eve we made it up Millcreek Canyon. This year was incredible.  So much snow and we didn't see an end in sight.  Every time we watched the weather a new huge foot of snow was headed our way.  It was like Christmas everyday from November till January!

Christmas Eve we did the classic nativity reenactment and shuffle board.  The nativity was beautiful and Tagg said his part great. He loved holding a hook twice his height. We were so surprised at how good Tagg was at shuffleboard.  He got more points than Brady and they beat the other team their first game.  It was fun to watch him excited about it.

We then put Tagg to bed in his old mattress on the floor with our wedding comforter in the living room next to the piano.  Santa came and made his room into a real bed with new big boy bedding and utah utes decorations.  Tagg could not believe his eyes when he woke up in a
 new bed from Santa!
Mrs Clause and Santa always enjoy peppermint shakes by the christmas tree before bed.

SANTA CAME! christmas morning was magical!
We had a Christmas brunch and a Skype call to Texas.  So fun seeing cute Natsy in her new christmas dress at some random persons house about to have a pasta dish for christmas dinner.  She looked so happy.

I like this picture but I would LOVE it if Brady were next to us in striped christmas jammies.  He said never.  We will try again next year ;)

Christmas Sunday

Christmas activities

snowy hikes
macy's windows

temple square
grand america

Christmas cards
Taggarts school christmas program

gardner village
german market
gingerbread contest

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emi said...

SO fun to see all of this now since we missed you like crazy over Christmas!!!