Monday, April 18


We gathered with some of our favorite friends to see Jolly's santa. 

So many santa photos this year.  Tagg was obsessed.  Lydia either smiled and loved it or screamed and cried.  I could never tell what I was going to get.


Whit and Jeff said...

Minds these are so great!! This is Whit by the way, I just use Jeff's gmail account. Love seeing all the fun stuff you guys did over Christmas. Love the trip to St. George with you guys. Can't wait to see you guys...I can't get over how cute Tagg and Lydi are in these pics. Love you!

emi said...

Hahah so many Santas! Love that Lydi was only sad with one :)

Linda Dunn said...

I love Lydia's screaming picture. That is how I remember Jeff responding at an early age. So cute!