Monday, April 25


I got to volunteer for the Valentines party for Taggarts class. We made "You Ar My favorite" army guy valentines for his classmates. Maria and I walked into class and Taggarts teachers said, "who's moms are these?" Caleb jumps up and runs to his mom and said "it's my mom."  Tagg got all sheepish and shy and made a little grin and came walking over.  It was funny to see his reaction.  The class circled around and I got to read two valentines stories to the class. Brady gave me beautiful roses and we had to make our favorite sugar cookies.  Nana got us some fun valentines books.

This was our first time to the ice castles.  It was actually incredible.  And so beautiful.  I have seen so many pictures from others but to actually be there was so cool!

I love this picture.  I love Lydia waving and Taggarts face.

I don't know what was more incredible.  This amazing new temple or Brady in Provo.

Ruby and Lydia riding the Zebra

We made it to quite the superhero event.  Tagg was in tears the very first creepy scary scene but as the motorcycles came out and spider man doing back flips, he calmed down and really enjoyed it.

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