Thursday, June 9


From my journal:

> Friday fly to Dallas where Lydia slept on the tray table and Tagg layed across us.
> Fly to London where we had a huge blow out in front of everyone. A man yelling, "I got screwed by this airline. I paid for a bulkhead seat and there is no leg room only to find him sitting right next to us. We luckily had an empty seat between Tagg and the grumpy man only to have another major blow out with a naked baby and no more clothes. We were throwing away full on outfits because there was no hope in cleaning them.
> Play place in London airport. Flight to Johannesburg with Lydia in a bassinet on display. Kids behind us throwing up and going wild. Lydia climbing the stairs. Star mobile on the stair case.
> Getting to the airport and Tagg saying "yaya that cheetah will scare everyone" because she brought her stuffed big cheetah to greet us. Lydia loving the balloon and instantly going to her grandma she has never met and cuddling her until the car was packed. Soaking in the sights of Africa as we drove to the mission home. Brady and I laying down for a one hour nap only to wake up hours later. Listening to Pierre being taught about the Holy Ghost and the confirmation that happened that day. Tagg witnessing his grandpa confirm his neighbor and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
> Monday Brady mountain biking. lion park where we pet baby lions and fed giraffes. The guided tour through the lions where two huge male lions jumped up on the car and tried to attack Lydia. The safari guide had to get up and scream at the lions to get away. One baby lion coming up to the car to check out Lydia. The roaring of the entire park. Rocomamas with amazing burgers and pancake dessert. Me and Linda got to make sweet rolls and quiche together for the transfer morning.
> Tuesday transfer day. Brady got to see the missionaries straight out of the mtc meet his parents their new mission president. Then hear his parents welcome the new missionaries and hear testimonies of the missionaries leaving. Awesome quiche and cinnamon rolls served to every missionary. Rocking Lydia down in the beautiful yard of the mission office. Missionaries coming to lunch at papa and yayas mission home. Sitting down at the formal dining table and Tagg being a pill trying to get all the missionaries attention. Pulling off his socks and saying stinky socks. Coming in without his button on shirt on and saying I need a cozy shirt. Final straw for me so I took him in the room and did letter flash cards. Then he played rugby and ping pong with the missionaries and we headed to the temple. The second I saw the temple I got so emotional and could feel of Stan and leolas spirit. I don't cry or like to cry but I could not stop it as I stared at every brick and every plant knowing he was involved with it all.  Yaya and papa took the kids so we could do a session. It was a temple session I will never forget. Being with the African people and so many different languages all coming together to learn the same thing. Then mike and Linda took the missionaries to the airport and we followed the APs home from the temple. On the way someone told us we had a flat tire so we stopped to take care of that. As we aired up the tire we saw the APs had handed out at least 20 pass along cards and the African people looked so happy as they saw these happy missionaries handing out a message. They took it with big smiles and it looked like a friendship was formed with every pass along card passed out. We got back on the trek home as busses cut us off and traffic lights not working and people selling gadgets and popsicles in the middle of the road only to hear from the back seat that Tagg had to stop to use the toilet. So they say here. So we pull over and flagged the APs down so that we don't lose our way home. They hand out more and more pass along cards to every person we see. We finally get home, put pizzas in the oven and heard the coolest thunder storm and thick loud rain come down. Tagg keeps yelling to the APs to get inside. "The storm is coming the storm is coming. We don't want to get hit by lighting." The missionaries come to sleep over and we take Tagg on a drive so he doesn't bug them on their last night on the mission. And to get Brady another rock mama burger. Hehe. We sat down to eat and Tagg said don't sit by me this spot is for papa. We didn't dare say that papa wasn't coming to dinner so we left the seat next to him empty.

> Wednesday
Walk- dropped the bottle so Brady ran back and found the bottle. Picnic in the front yard with the landscaper. Pack for sun city. Chicken pot pies and sparkling water mishap. Got to sun city and did pool, wave pool, slides, Mike on the slide only to have it close the second he was facing his fear of heights. Palace with beautiful patio grill where Tagg colored in a high hair and Lydia slept in mikes arms the entire dinner. Then Mike and Linda kept Lydia in their room and let us sleep through the night for the first time in a long long time! So nice. They came to our hotel room at 7:00am and I came to the door ready to help Lydia get back to sleep thinking it was 1:00am. They said we are headed to breakfast and its 7:00am. Brady and I started laughing so hard that we both assumed we were about to clock in for the night shift only to realize we had slept through the night.

> Thursday
> Gormet omlets and breakfast. Headed to a safari. The second we enter the park about to pay Tagg yells wild dogs. We look up and sure enough there is a pack of wild dogs running a crops the entrance. So funny he new the technical name. I though he would say hyena or somehtinth wrong. Then 5 minutes later we see zebras. 5 minutes later we see elephants, baboons, springboks, zebras all these animals coming down to the watering hole. It looked like a scene from lion king. Then we went to a smaller watering hole and walked out to the water and saw nothing. We hung around and ended up seeing a black rhino, 2 crocodiles, 5 hippos with a turtle hanging on the back. And so many cool colored birds. Then we went to the elephant sanctuary and saw the monkeys open water bottles. Feed elephants, walked elephants, rode elephants. And touched elephants. Saw the cool market they buy food at. Got yummy food and cooked at home. Lydia threw up so we cleaned carseat, car, clothes, and ourselves. Then watched lion king and went to bed.


Linda Dunn said...

Made my day! This is the greatest and I love your journal. This is a family keepsake. Love you!

emi said...

Absolute cutest recap! I love knowing all of these places :) SO happy you've been! xoxoxo