Saturday, June 25

30! and some wrinkles

I woke up to Brady hanging 30 pictures of me with a cute note and memory behind each picture. He wrapped up all my favorite snacks, cupcakes, flowers, and Celine Dion concert tickets. He made it such a fun day.  I went to the temple with mom at 6:00 and spring skiing in the sunshine in the afternoon.  We got my fav pizza at the park with the kiddos that night.

Me and Tagg sporting our bad hair day.  At least we had cupcakes to make up for it.

A few days earlier my mom threw a family surprise breakfast with 30 balloons. You can tell it was a surprise by the way I dressed that morning and the way I'm acting out Up. Oh surprises...they get me every time!
a few days later celebrating in St. George 
St. George with the high school buddies to ring in our 30th year. Such a fun getaway and girls I will forever be thankful for.  We stayed up all night long talking and it felt like we were right back in high school together.

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Linda Dunn said...

What a fun day and a great way to usher in a new decade. I love a day with a temple trip and a ski day in one...and then a picnic in the park with kiddos.