Thursday, June 23

Lydia at ONE

Lydia at one

Nickname: Lydi goose. Gooser. goosie. 

Growls. Grunts. Seal barks. Deep voice like your brother. 

Loves animals and does the lion roar every time you see an animal.

Loves bath time. 
Sleeps so good! 7-7
You had no teeth and the week before our South Africa trip you decided to get 4. Your two bottom teeth first and then a week into our trip you got your two front teeth. 

Now at 14 months you are getting your top side teeth. 

You have the worlds cutest smile. You look identical to a kewpie doll. Multiple older women that know those dolls comment on how similar you look. Nana started it. 

You don't have a favorite toy. I buy you dolls and animals but you mainly want to play with whatever your older brother is playing with. 

You cry to go outside and love it when we are outside. You like the swing. I'm so happy you like the swing. T man never liked the swing too much. You love slides. You are the worlds fastest crawler. You took your first steps the exact day you turned 14 months. Exactly like your older brother. There is something about 14 months on the dot and walking in our fam. 

You hate bows. You hate clips. Anything in your hair you pull out the second I get it situated. I have resorted to an elastic pony tail in the center of your head and it looks so dang cute. And sometimes you leave it alone!

You walk with your hands straight out in front of you like Frankenstein. But then twist your wrists back and forth like you are waving. It is so dang cute. 

Everyone comments on your long long black eyelashes. I hope those stick around because they are so beautiful. 

You had dark dark hair then light brown then strawberry blonde and now with the sun you are going bleach blonde. Curly in the back. Stick straight in the front. 

You say happy birthday to you just like your brother did at this age. We must sing and say that way too much. You say momma. Hi dad. Bye dad. I love you. The first day we heard you say I love you was on dads thirtieth birthday. We both melted. You say nana. Wawa for water. Baba for bottle. 

You blow kisses. Give kisses. High five. Wave. Stick your tongue out. Our favorite thing is you doing your speed deeming crawl to our legs and then squatting on your knees with both hands reaching up to us and going uh uh uh for us to reach down and hold you. 

You love to put your head right on my shoulder to cuddle. I love that. 

We still rock you to sleep because it's the only calm relaxing cuddles we get from you. 

I would list your favorite foods but honestly you like everything I cook and everything I buy and everything anyone else cooks or buys. I love that. You are not picky and so appreciative of food. 

You are independent and want to feed yourself. 

You love the bathroom vanity and toilet. My least favorite thing ever. 

You are the sweetest little bundle of happiness that I get to enjoy everyday.  You make me giddy! I LOVE LYDI

We had your main birthday celebration with yaya and papa in South Africa but here are a few other people we celebrated with.  These two were in the hospital the same day you were born so we celebrated our three one year olds with cupcakes and dinner.

and we celebrated with the Wagstaff side at nana and pomps.


emi said...

Adore her! Sweetest post!!

emi said...

Ps I just looked up kewpie dolls and about died! SO Lydi! Cutest!!!!

Kelsie Peterson said...

I love Lydi too!! Beautiful inside and out!