Sunday, June 5

Our last days in SA

Brady biking with Mike. We made waffles for Lydia's birthday and sang and opened gifts. We took her to a playground at the botanical gardens and a fun market. We got the best lunch at Tasha's and custom magnum bars. 

A fun church meeting with the new missionary from england? telling about having the joburg temple in his room since primary and not knowing what or where that temple was until he opened his call and saw the exact same temple on his joburg call. Great conversion poem and priesthood talk. We drove through Soweto and saw the scenes of a township. We saw Nelson Mandela's house, the World Cup stadium, the towers. We got Lydi to bed and headed to entabeni to see a game drive experience. It was a beautiful drive through the rain. We got there to a steak lunch and even got a 15 minute power nap before heading out on a night game drive. We parked next to this enormous rhino. It felt like Jurassic park. We got out in a beautiful spot of trees and had drinks and snacks. One couple was from joburg one from Germany and us. We came from different lands and languages and laughed and joked about the same things. We had a great dinner, checked out the dark pool once again and headed to the room. We found a frog in the shower and we got a good giggle getting that out. We slept so good without the kids being there while Linda managed Lydia's night waking.

5:30 we got a wake up call to head out and see some lions. We got next to a huge male lion and loved that experience. We quickly ate breakfast and headed back to the mission home. Linda had the most amazing traditional South African meal prepared compete with amazing desert. It tasted unreal! So good. We packed our bags and headed to see art Africa a darling store and the African market. Then the dreaded goodbyes began and the dreaded airport scene. Lots of tears were shed and we can't believe we have to wait so long to see them again. Tagg had a poudy face and said I miss papa and yaya the whole flight home.

after everything we had seen, Taggarts most favorite part of the trip was the mission home.  I thought that was so sweet.  We would be in the middle of Kruger park seeing incredible animals and Tagg would say, " when do we get to go to the mission home?" repeated over and over. It was his all time favorite spot. We will miss these mission home scenes. And of course the van life!


emi said...

Love!! Those goodbyes are the worst! You packed it all in !!

Linda Dunn said...

This is the sweetest one of all. Oh, how I loved your bodies filling the mission home. You have left us with memories in every room. Thanks for posting each segment of the trip.