Tuesday, June 7

South Africa...continued....

From my Journal:

Temple morning. Met the zone and saw district meeting and met Liz who cooks for the missionaries. Then ate at the best South Africa spot- Olive and Plates with the kiddos eating spaghetti covered from head to toe. The beautiful glass covered cakes. Then saw downtown Joburg and then uptown fancy Sandton and compared the contrast of the country. We saw the judicial court which was so beautiful! The desks were covered in animal skin and it felt so African. It was a fort then made into a prison where Nelson Mandela stayed and his wife was there too. We picked up some darling water bottles for Mike and Lydia's birthday party and headed to the aviary to see all the bright colored birds. It was next to a casino and we loaded up the kids. I sat by Lydia and Linda said come over here. I have a surprise for you. We looked over and saw two busses that said load here for spa night. She had surprised us with an African spa night. Brade and I rode in this bus for an hour as we relaxed without the kids and watched the sunset. It got dark and we pulled up to these little huts with African women dancing and playing the drums. We sat down, changed, and ate dinner in our robes. Then we had a spa massage night under the amazing African stars outside in the dark perfect temperature. We got home at 11:30 and the kids were in bed!
Brady and Mike headed out on a 5am birthday bike ride with the bike club. Linda and I made some cupcakes, packed the car, and got the kids ready to meet the boys at 9:00 for breakfast. We found the car with a dead battery and the bike rack making two bikes fall off the car. We used my diaper bag strap to hold the bikes to the car. In the mean time Lydia is screaming and I'm holding a plate of cupcakes and a cake on my lap while Linda drives holding plates of cupcakes. Somehow with all the issues we still showed up on time and had the best breakfast at Bidon bistro. Such a cool farm transformed into and amazing diner. Breakfast pizza. Bacon on top of french toast. Everything was beautiful. We got pics of the birthday duo and headed to the party at the big red barn. We set up the tables and then headed out on mountain bikes. It was amazing mountain biking. There were swing sets and slides and TYLER for Tagg to play with and Lydia was held by all of Mike and Linda friends. We met some amazing people and all the characters we had heard about came alive that day. The car didn't even die. Birthday miracle. We headed home and put the kids down then had dinner and cake and opened presents.

4:30 we woke up and took off for the airport to Cape Town. Without the kids!!! First night without Lydia!!! We got to Cape Town at 8:30 and headed straight to table top mountain. We hiked for 2 hours without water in the heat. We got so sunburned. I got so lightheaded because of the quick elevation change and Brady was worried about my uneasy swaying steps. The views were breathtaking!!! And they had water and magnum bars at the top! Brady made a game where we had to play like we had a different accent with everyone we passed. Not only were we dying of laughter but every hiker around us was. My favorite accent conversation was when Brady said in his best British accent "stop hot wind." And the lady responded "better hot wind than no wind." He said "why do you have so many layers on?" and she said "to keep the sun off me." And Brady replied. "Fine lets just stop fighting." The lady and us both started laughing so so so hard. The next two guys got an Africans accent and he said "where you from? They said Cape Town where you from? He said joburg. What part? Soweto. No you are not. You talk with your nose. He said I have so much mucus. He said you don't sound Africans and he said my parents beat me and said only English only English. They laughed and laughed and they said really where you from? The truth is I was raised with lions!" Hegehe. Everyone else got a carry on carry on. Or a cheers. Or the best laugh was when he said howdy y'all. We went to the hotel to shower off only to find Brady with no clean garments packed!! He hiked in his only garments for the trip. He washed them in the sink because we both couldn't handle the smell and we took off for the waterfront. We had amazing fish and chips and saw the Nelson Mandela museum the diamond museum and the pretty clock tower there. We bought Lydia a darling lion because we missed her and will never forget the lions attacking for her. We headed to Camps bay and loved the soft white sand beach. The wind picked up so we didn't lay as long as we hoped and went to Zenzero and had a beautiful dinner on the beach. Delicious gelato to follow. We walked back to our car in the dark crossing our fingers we wouldn't get mugged. We jumped in the hotel pool which was gorgeous with all the French doors opening to the pool. It's amazing what you can do without kids! Although we much prefer having them with us!

Run across military drive to see the views. Packed up the hotel and headed to cape point and cape of good hope. Amazing drive and amazing views. We kept missing every tour bus which was planned perfectly. We then stopped at boulders beach and had lunch on the ocean. We went and swam with penguins and enjoyed laying on the hot boulders and watching the Penguins waddle around. We then headed across the peninsula to the twelve apostles which are twelve peaks in the mountain side. We loved the drive through Hout Bay!!! They carved a road in the side of the mountain. It had mountain overhangs. So wild. Then we headed to the airport to fly home and cuddle the 
Swimming with the penguins was one of my all time favorite adventures!
best road crossing I have ever witnessed as we drove to Hout Bay. Stunning scenery. Our jaws were on the pavement the entire drive.
The mountain overhang. No shoulder and cliffs to the ocean. And Brady mastering the opposite side of the street driving. 


emi said...

So fun! All of the best pictures and updates! Your journal notes are the best!

Linda Dunn said...

This is so fun. i saw so many pictures I haven't see yet. I love each and every picture so much. You all look so darling and this trip holds the best memories ever for us.