Tuesday, July 5

Taggart at 4 yrs old

Taggart at 4

You broke the habit of needing blankster and it kind of broke my heart. I loved that blanky.

You are smart. Like teaching me smart. You remember things. Like which street to turn on to get to preschool, the library, and Nana's.  You know your rights and lefts but have a hard time with front and back and ups and downs. You listen well.

You have curly blonde hair right now.

You have the cutest little smile with a handsome set of chicklets.

You make us all laugh. You love to joke and trick.

You are the worlds pickiest eater. I don't know what to feed you lately. You use to eat anything.

You love mixing two different cereals in the same bowl of milk. Where have your taste buds taken you?

You like to play basketball. Still in love with jumping on the tramp. You like to make muffins. You are a fast fast runner and you like to run. We have a job chart and you are very motivated by just a check mark.

Still a major thumb sucker. 

You love soccer, and baseball. Really all sports. You don't have to win every game now. You have learned to lose gracefully without big fits and that makes for less crying nights.

Less cuddles with mom. I miss that.

Great artist. Knows your alphabet. You can spell and write your name. Most the time Tgag. You still love books. Loves your cousins. 

You love imaginary play.  It's one of my favorite things to listen to.
You have Dan as an imaginary friend. He comes over a lot.  And you give us all sorts of details about him.  He looks like dad. He's really tall.  He has dark hair and then rainbow hair. He plays games with his grandpa.

Favorite toys right now: toy story guys, superheros, puzzles, ninja turtles. 

You are learning to swim and ride a bike.

I look at you every day and something crazy happens to my heart and I suddenly have to say over and over how grateful I am that I get you as my baby boy. 

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emi said...

Sweetest !!! Love him so much.