Tuesday, July 5

Taggart's 4th birthday

We got on the lake first thing on your 4th bday and you had one of your classic St. George fevers. We were worried the whole day would be spent cuddling, baths, and icepacks trying to get you feeling ok.  You chippered up right after the boat ride on our way to the fire-station.  We had a fun tour of the fire-station and firetrucks. They had pomps dress up as a fireman and gave everyone hats. We got sandwiches and your pomps and uncles made snow cones for everyone as we swam for the afternoon.  We had balloon car races and opened presents. We ended around 4:00pm.  You fell asleep next to the pool while everyone was leaving so we stayed by you for a few more hours to let you nap.  You weren't waking up so we carried you home, got you in pjs and you still slept! We gave up on birthday cake plans and let you sleep until 7:00am the next morning.  I think it was just too much for a little 4 yr old.  You got to see everyone in your fam on your birthday besides Nats.  That's pretty rare! We got to Skype everyone that was away and we got to stay with most of your cousins. Richard wouldn't leave your side all day. It was so cute! He kept saying, "I want to sit by the birthday boy. I want to swim by the birthday boy." I think the two of you have the same passion and excitement about things. 

We then came home and had your Dunn cousins in town a few days later so we got to have cake with them.  

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