Tuesday, August 23


oh celine! I have loved you as long as I've loved Brady Dunn.  And that's nearly my entire life.  You were my first CD. The first thing I thought about after school. The tracks we roller-skated to as we pretended to be Nancy Kerrigan.  You are dear to my heart and a show I have always wanted to see.  Your ticket prices are hard for me to swallow so thank heavens I have a husband that could swallow that price and let me have the night of a lifetime!

So so happy!!!!!!

Better than I ever dreamed! The red velvet curtains. The red velvet seats! The lights. The superstar dresses. Her voice. Her chit chat. Her dance moves. I think I better go again.
I loved when she sang A New Day and had all these screens from 20 years of singing this same song and all of them lining up perfectly as she sang. I LOVED the green fringe dress she rocked out in and the blue dress at the end with the water falling all around her. Such a show.
Caesars Palace is about as classy as you can get for a casino. The wax sculpture of Celine was so cheesy and creepy and did not look like her. Brady is such a sport. But then I think of all the U games we enjoy together and figure he can spend one great night with Celine.  And now he totally digs her and turns on her music sometimes! 

This is the song list. I loved how the concert started. The curtains opened to a big screen of all her fans sending in videos from around the world singing I Drove All Night to get to you.  It was such a cool start as I looked around and saw thousands of people that probably had done just that. Drove all night to get here.  The second that video ended the screen went up and celine was center stage with her band jamming out. It was epic.  Can't beat the start of her concert.  Mainly because this concert actually starts onetime and doesn't have a lame warm up band before hand. She starts rocking out the moment the curtains flew open.

 We went to Serendipity right after the concert and got a huge Sundae instead of the frozen hot chocolate mainly because our waiter compared it to a slurpee.  Shake shack the next day before we headed home.
We had to visit the Trump tower and try on the make america great again hats. The pool there was awesome and beautiful.  We stayed at the MGM grand and their pool was full of the craziest drunk partiers. The trump tower was a bit more of a classy vegas crowd if there is such a thing.
We were so excited to get a picture with all Taggarts favorite super heros.  We found out the charge about 5 dollars for every super hero in you pic so we quickly snapped this an moved on. It felt like disneyland on the strip. All these people dress as characters and charge for pictures.  We had never seen that before. Or else it's our first trip with kids that actually care about the characters.
Here I am casually walking past three of Taggarts favorite guys so we could get a picture without spending 10 dollars.  Woody buzz and hulk. We got home to this cute sign and cute face.  We brought him gambling dice suckers and I love that he's holding up his age on the dice.
We missed the kiddos and took them to the park by bike first thing home.  It was fun running into this crew at the grocery store that night instead of the creepy vegas people we had been running into the night before.

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Linda Dunn said...

I am so glad Brady would pop for this special night. It looked so fun. Great to see you come home and take the kids on a bike ride.
Love it!