Thursday, August 25

JULY 4th

JULY 4th!
Brighton parade and pancakes at Silverfork

The road to Cecret Lake trailhead was closed so we parked at Alta and thought there would be no way Tagg could hike himself to the lake.  We were so surpised his little legs kept going. He loved the snow ball fights and starbursts and bagel sandwich.

Ginny brought us an awesome whole 30 meal. 
We took the kiddos to skyline and lite some little fireworks and watched the big ones.
Brade and I went to the stadium of fire the night before and got to see Tim McGraw perform. It was fun to be at a patriotic event.  We usually hike and watch fireworks from the car for the 4th so to have music, stories, pictures, dancing, fireworks, and Tim McGraw- it definitely felt all american.

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