Friday, September 23

Lydia is 1.5!!


Awe little miss Lydia.  You are just a joy. You make our home so happy! I can't believe you are 1.5 already. You are just a petite little thing and still fit in most of your 12 month clothes so I feel like you are not a day over 1.

But the last months have brought so many changes in you. You talk and sing so much. I just love your  singing.  I remember doing that constantly as a little girl and I love watching you. You've always got a tune in your head and babbling words as you play.

You are such a good eater. Last night you ate more salmon than all of us combined and kept nodding your head yes very drastically. It was so cute.

Your little yes head nod is so cute and exaggerated.  I get worried about your little neck sometimes.

You have mad nose blowing skills like your dad.  

Your dance moves kill me.  anytime you hear music your feet get tapping.

You have the cutest cheese smile.  You say goodbye so cute.  Tagg loves teaching you new words.

You make me so happy when you say mama.  There is something about the way you say it. It just gets my heart every. single. time. I can't handle it.  I am so lucky to be your mama and to hear you say it. When Tagg yells Mom you try and yell MOM louder.  But when you are saying it on your own you say it so sweet and high pitched and needy and girly.

You love your brother.  Anytime he is at school you hear some noise and say Taggie?

You love your dad and have such a hard time saying goodbye every morning. Every time the phone rings you say Daddy?

You give the sweetest cuddles always on our shoulder. But never have you slept in our bed. You like your crib much more than Tagg ever did.

You made it through your first day of nursery. The leader said you were too nervous to play much and just sat on her lap. You saw your dad peek in the window and you lost it.  You came out screaming with your eyes, nose, and cheeks so red.

Here are some of our favorite pics of you lately.

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Whitney Dunn said...

She is so adorable!!! Mindy!! I love her and can't get over how beautiful she is. She is such a good mix of you and Brady. Way to go Lydia on being so awesome!! We love you!