Friday, September 23

Natalies H O M E !!!

SISTER WAGSTAFF IS FINALLY HOME! And finally gets to hold little Lydia for the first time.

She constantly wrote in her letters that she was as happy as 242 packs of bubble gum so Rach made a cute bubblegum sign for the airport.

The sassy, crazy six are back together again!

Because she finally got in at 1:00am and all the kiddos were a bit out of sorts as well as us (we waited anxiously since 7:00pm for her to get in) we took some official photos in the kiddos welcome home shirts later in the week.

Four babies were born while she was in Texas. Lydia was born the month after she left and she missed Theo, Kathryn, and West.  But she came right back to them all loving her and obsessed with Natsy.  Even Lydi can say her name and loves her like she's known her her whole life.

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Whitney Dunn said...

That family photo on your parents porch is a treasure!! What a beautiful posterity your mom and dad have created. So glad Nats is home!!!