Monday, November 28

Cali for Reagan Blessing

We flew into beautiful San Jose and I got to cuddle Reagan for the first time. We met at San Pedro Square and had what Brady says is his favorite hamburger ever! It was so fun to see Emi as a new mother and witness the awe and amazement of a new babe and get to CUDDLE Reagan and actually watch her every little movement!
We drove to Monterey and did the 17 mile drive by bike. I was filling out paperwork to rent bikes while brady parked the car. He quickly called and said don't finish the paperwork. Come outside.  I came out and he had two bright blue beach cruisers he had talked the hotel next door into using. We weren't even guests but somehow we ended up on free bikes cruising some beautiful miles together. 
We ended up taking the bikes on a little mountain bike trail detour and ended up in a beautiful lookout with a pink sunset and surfers catching the biggest waves.
We had delicious pizza at a place we had been to before we were engaged when we came here with my fam. All the good memories came flying back.
Monterey beach walk/jog was amazing! I was shocked with where Brady took me for breakfast in Carmel.  He had been to the Tuck box with work friends. It was tea and scones and charming as ever.  It felt like we were dining in our grandmothers home.  Cozy next to the fireplace with floral teapots.  I could not handle the image of brady and 4 guys bellying up to the table for scones and tea.

We drove the coast and saw Davenport beach and got the best fish and chips we have ever had. We took lunch down to the beach and relaxed by the waves for hours. We could not get over the sheer cliffs next to the ocean.  I was for sure warped into the beginning scenes of Pride and Prejudice. 
We made it to San Fran in time to catch a boat and watch the sunset under the bridge. It was incredibly beautiful.

We made it to the vintage arcades and loved it! We were little kids again.
We then drove and saw Napa and Sonoma and loved the scenery and natural beauty of all the vineyards.
We loved the hillside vineyards.  We stopped and picked grapes and went to the local fruit stands and tried all their fruit. No wine for us. Although I was mad no one offered grape juice.
We drove back down to the city and got these awesome shots of the bridge in the fog and walked Bakers beach.
We then got to go on a fun walk with Reagan, see her room and house and have a celebratory dinner at Bandera before her big blessing day.
It was so special to get to sew Reagan's little blessing dress sleeves and help her get all dolled up Sunday morning
Chase gave Brady a blazer to wear to the blessing. These boys were sharp looking studs up front.
We hung out at their apartment with their fun friends and delicious food and then took Reagan for a walk to the park. As we walked home she fell asleep in Brady's arms.  It was so so sweet!

And of course, we made a quick stop to google and always end up doing something crazy! We loved getting updates on the kids at home and getting pics like this all weekend. It was nice to get away and have such great family watching them but it was sure nice to get those babes back in our arms.

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Whitney Dunn said...

What a fun trip!! Glad you and Brady got a little time away. You look beautiful Minds!!! Also your kids were in the best hands with Nats!!