Sunday, November 20


One of my favorite halloweens ever! These kiddos at this stage is just magical during the holidays.
Toy story family
The extended families costumes.  I love Dot.Dot in this photo.
Family party with the witch. donuts. rootbeer. and costume contest.  We took the costume prize this year. It's always hard to beat Kevin but somehow we did.  It's amazing what you win when you put a paper bag over your head.
We made caramel apples and were surprised at how fast and good and fun it was.  We delivered to our favorite peeps halloween day.
Carving pumpkins with Rhett and Ruby.
We left the pumpkins glowing and the treats in "BOO" on the porch and went trick or treating.
some of our favorite houses to trick or treat at.

We jumped on the tramp and played dead man dead man and it felt very fitting for our halloween day.
Tagg was darling in his halloween program at school.  He's with Rhett the Fox and our neighbor Daisy that happened to be Little bo-peep as well. That's pretty much an arranged marriage if you ask their parents.


Linda Dunn said...

Love Halloween and you share made a fun one. I am glad you won the Halloween costume award.

Whitney Dunn said...

Minds you are so talented!!! Totally not surprised that you won the contest! Your moms addition looks amazing!

emi said...

Cutest costumes as always! I have to borrow them one day!!!!