Saturday, November 19

HR Funeral

Our last goodbyes with Grandpa were so sweet.  We saw him Tuesday and even with Alzeheimers he was sharp and alert and bearing testimony of the gospel and how important families are.  Then these pictures we took 4 days later where the only response we got from him was a squeeze of the hand and a brightness in his eyes.  We love him so much and miss his spontaneous weekly visits to the house here.  First he would come in and tell stories and watch the kids and talk about South Africa. Look at pictures, sit by the fire, eat food. Then he didn't want to come inside, so he sat on the porch step. Then he couldn't make it to the porch so we would meet him in the driveway and sit by his car.  It made me sad to watch the progression of his body getting older. I felt so loved by him and there was no one that didn't love him. He was a very loveable man.
This was my favorite scene as we walked into the funeral service.  Then my dad and Jim drove the hearse through the crane tunnel as the grandsons lowered the booms in honor of him.  
Another of my favorite scenes watching dad and Jim direct the crane to bring their dad to his resting spot.
Lydi and I picked out beautiful roses to press from his funeral flowers.
I never see my grandpa without a cowboy hat and black parka so this did not look like him to me.
The whole gang. And the grandsons willing and brave enough to keep the crane company rolling.


emi said...

Such a great gang he leaves behind. I will never be over the most amazing crane tribute ever! Sure love you Minds!!

Whitney Dunn said...

This is the sweetest post. What an incredible man that has the most incredible legacy of family!