Tuesday, November 15

St. George to Arizona

We made it to St. George for conference weekend. It was so fun to gather and let the kids play and adults watch.  We had fun swimming and hiking and eating fun meals as a big extended fam.

We made it to the duck park and this goose wanted to play with the kids.

Brady was in India and then had to fly straight to Arizona to help with the Gladys Knight show so he missed the St George weekend. Since we were so close, me and the kids drove to Arizona so we could see him for at least one weekend of his crazy month out of town.

We made it to Gladys Knights show and it was INCREDIBLE. Brady saved us these great seats and my kids were a circus show. They both were fighting over my lap and shoulder and water and treats. I thought we would see 5 minutes of the fireside by how we started out. But somehow Tagg fell asleep mid show and Lydi calmed down and we got to see the whole thing.  It was mainly fun to watch the camera man right in front of us! We were so proud of Brady being part of a cool missionary tool.

Hole in the rock. Such a cool view and fun little hike for kids.

"LYDI do a silly face."
Picking out the craziest gas station treats helped them survive the 7 hrs in the car.  Lydi loved her snowcone. We loved Snooze for breakfast!
Yummiest snow cones we have ever had!

Pool time and hike time! Pizza party by the pool. Awesome nature walk and botanical garden to see the amazing cactus. I have friends that fly out just to go to Last Chance so I had to go see what this store was all about.  I read online you don't want to take a stroller or kids for that matter.  I had no choice since Brady was working 6:00am-12:00am! The craziest work schedule.  Me and both kids show up to this sight.  I could not believe it! It looked like black Friday.  It was mad chaos and this is the line before the store even opened.  I got the kiddos some great name brand shoes for $5 but I couldn't help but laugh at the scene around me. People were honestly throwing anything and everything in their roller carts.  
The highlight of their trip was Legoland! Tagg was giddy all weekend because of this.And I love the first pic of Lydi. 
The pretty park we played at right before the airport.  We always miss the palm trees coming home to the pines. but I sure wouldn't trade it. 
and this little miss got to fly home with her dad!


Whitney Dunn said...

Okay how did I miss that you went to Lego Land!!!! So fun!! Glad that you drove to see Brady! Such great pics Minds!

emi said...

Wait you packed so much in! Fun! Lyd's cheesy grins kill me! ❤️