Wednesday, December 28

Thanksgiving 2016

We will never forget the beautiful red leaves mixed with our fresh white snow we received Thanksgiving morning.
I got to hang out with the kids upstairs while the adults finished the cooking.  We made turkey name place holders and pilgrim and indian hats.
Reading all of Nanas thanksgiving books.
Lydia looked so dang cute on Thanksgiving day.  The kiddos acted out the mayflower arriving to america. Our thankful turkey is always a favorite activity through November.
Setting up tables. the amazing pies. and rolling out the rolls. The dinner prep is the most fun part of thanksgiving.
The after party was amazing. We had no idea what was coming. Mitch planned games and we played all night and had the best dance party I have ever witnessed.  Musical chairs was pretty amazing too.
This was the pre party. We woke up to so much snow and headed up millcreek with the skis and kiddos in the chariot.
So many things and people to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

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