Tuesday, January 24

Christmas Activities

Tagg was so excited to decorate the house this year.  We felt like we were hanging out with Buddy the Elf all day.  He had so much excited energy. 

Cookie decorating party!
neighbor gifts
Sledding in Neffs 
Sledding at churchill right after christmas.

Letters to Santa
Tagg sang as an angel in the ward christmas program. Right after I text Brady these pictures he said cut Tagg's hair. He looks too much like a girl.
We loved the live nativity and will never forget Lydias face when she saw the baby goat and got so excited and squealed and squealed.
Christmas windows and elve hunting with friends.
Gingerbread house contest
 Temple square lights
Still growing #3 and bathing #1 #2
HOCKEY! Taggarts Christmas dreams came true. The only thing he thinks about all day long is hockey.  So fun to watch him watch this game!
Probably my favorite christmas photo this year. Tagg loved all the Christmas cards and asked me every name almost daily. 
All of us circling the nose picker! And the family photo that made the christmas card.

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Whitney Dunn said...

Minds!!! What a magical Christmas!! I love all the cute pictures of you guys. You look so beautiful pregnant. Tagg and Lydi are so dang cute!!! Goodness we miss you guys!! Love you!!