Tuesday, January 24

New Years

These kids on New Years were so cute! They loved the noise makers and chasing eachother around the kitchen yelling "Happy New Year." It just made my year complete and my new year exciting. 
This was another one of those moments where I just felt so lucky to hang out with these two everyday. They clicked their tongues and hummed songs as they painted masterpieces for hours. They were so in heaven and I was too as I witnessed their pure joy.

There is nothing cuter than baby figure skates! But then again I say that about baby bowling shoes and baby skies and baby sandals...and anything baby.

Lots of sledding and baseball and mailman at the museum. 
Matching beanies!
We missed Brade on new years eve and new years but so happy he could see this bundle of smiling joy!

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Whitney Dunn said...

Minds I love how creative and fun you are with your kids!!! Love you guys!!