Wednesday, February 8


Our last hoorah with just two kids!

They fell asleep in their mickey jams and woke up at 6:00 to board the plane in their jams.
We were planning to relax and enjoy a beach day right when we landed but the weather changed our minds and we headed straight to disneyland.
Lydias favorite rides were dumbo, small world and pirates? We thought she would be so scared of that one. Taggarts favorite rides were cars, woody, buzz, and mater.
Tagg got sopping wet on Splash Mountain but didn't complain.
Seeing all the characters made the trip complete.  We thought Lydi would love the princesses but she was still so scared! I love this classic cinderella pic with Tagg proudly holding her hand and Lydi covering her eyes.

We then had a rainy beach day the next day but it was just as magical as disneyland!

I was so happy to make the trip being 36 weeks pregnant. I was worried I would have this baby on the plane or in disneyland. I had so many contractions at 35 weeks but the entire trip I didn't have one. I felt great.
Lydia wasn't so sure about the sand at first but then she got use to it!
Hot tubbing and swimming were a must everyday for the kids. AND MOVIE NIGHT WITH POP!

One of my favorite pics from the trip. I loved sitting down in the pouring rain to yummy soup with these three! AND SHRIMP!

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Whitney Dunn said...

So fun!! What a great thing to do before baby comes!! Their matching outfits are adorable. did you make them? Good luck with everything mindy!!!