Friday, March 24

Last days of Bennetts Pregnancy

One week before Bennett arrived.  She had a cozy bump for naptime. She does this exact move to Bennett now that he's arrived.  Forehead to forehead with the biggest grin!

We took the kids skiing and Lydi went for the first time. She LOVED it!
Valentines cookies and bath bombs with Miles.
Making sure Lydi gets her time as the baby before Bennett arrives. Zoo days and hairdos! I love these piggies on her!
The things we do to keep the kids in church for three hours.
Dad took all the girls to Mama Mia.  It was so much fun in the new Eccles theater. We were singing all the songs for weeks.
Dessert night with the girls and predictions for baby Bennett.  The dodo desserts are so incredible. We ordered 6 and all shared and tried them all.  It was such a fun night with women I LOVE!
Pedi's with this gal!
Last week of church before babe walking in the rain
Folding laundry with these two pretending to be in a ship rocking the basket.
The last time hosting playgroup.  I am sad to be leaving this Friday fun!
I was sure I would go in labor on Carissas birthday but Bennett never came. It was a week and a half later that he finally showed up.  But it was fun going out to Bandits and celebrating this treasure of a friend.

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