Friday, March 24


We were really looking forward to Valentines this year. Our christmas tree died a few weeks before christmas so we couldn't wait to get that dead tree out of the house and Brady was leaving town Christmas week so it made us take down all Christmas decorations the 26th of December.  We put a few things out for new years but Tagg was constantly asking "what's next?" So we started cutting paper hearts and hanging all sorts of Valentines decor.  It was ready by mid January!

We had a fun party at Nana and Pompis house and made Valentines for the cousins.  We had a preschool party and Tagg wrote every single kids name and his name 22 times to all his school friends.  I feel like we've been spelling together for a month straight.  How do you spell Emma? (Tag's true Valentine) He woke up one morning and said, "Mom, I'm going to tell Emma I dreamed about her all night." I said "Tagg that might scare her. Don't tell her that." He said, "She told me to dream about her."  Oh wow.  Here we go at 4 yrs old!

We had little mailboxes to write each other notes all month and Tagg got way into being a mailman, drawing hearts and spelling BE MINE.  I got at least 10 notes from him that said BEMINE. no space. Brady left cute notes if he left before the kids woke up and we had a month full of love.

Valentines night we delivered love notes and chocolate strawberries to our favorite people. We put the kids to bed early and had a fun night staying home watching this is us valentines episode and yummy dinner and dessert.  We always enjoy dinner at home instead of battling the crowds at restaurants on Valentines night.

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