Wednesday, April 19

Baby Bennett Birth

We were certain on our due date with Bennett. It was for sure February 19th.  I thought he was coming on time with how many contractions I was having. But of course my due date came and went.  I had a non stress test a few days after the due date just to make sure everything was fine and the nurse said you are having contractions every 4 minutes.  You could walk into labor and delivery and they wouldn't turn you away.  That's what they told me with Tagg and I did go in.  They said you are in active labor but you might as well labor at home and then come in when you are farther along.  So I didn't want to do that again. So I walked and walked and walked and contractions got stronger and stronger and I knew you were ready to come.  We still got induced but I felt better it was the exact right timing for you.  Thursday morning we checked in at 8:00am.  It was a snowy snowy February morning. We left the kiddos with nana and had them open a fun new toy to play with while we were in the hospital. We took off and headed to the new hospital.  We just switched insurance plans in January when I was 35 weeks pregnant so we had a new doctor and a new hospital to get used to.
(last pics with just two kids and the bump. Saying goodbye to Lydia was hard knowing I would come home and she wasn't the baby of the house anymore)

We checked in and labored for a bit watching a movie, Brade sneaking in lunch and yummy treats to pass time till you came.  1:00 came and I was dilated to a 5. They broke my water and I decided I would get the epidural. In walks Talmage Egan.  I was so happy to see him because the epidural is my least favorite part of the whole thing.  The entire procedure I am convinced I will be paralyzed or worse from the shot. But to see the chief of anesthesia and someone I trust made me so relaxed and reassured a;ll would be fine. He did a great job and everything went smoothly.  Brady read a text that said, "Your house key is ready for pick up at the title company" around 2:00pm. Our heads were spinning.  How could we just be getting our baby boy here the same day we get keys to our new home? It has been a whirlwind of a month getting you to this point and getting our house to that point. 

Brady and I are always alone in the delivery of our children but this time we had kelsie, natalie, and nana in the room too. It was fun to chat and have so much support around me the whole time. Labor kept going and going and going which made me get a bit worried. Finally by 6pm we had some progress and by 7 we started pushing.  I pushed 5 times and another cute big cone head just like Taggarts appeared. Your head size is probably why things took so long. You had the cord wrapped around your neck twice leaving you completely blue.  Dad said you looked like a smurf.  We planned to hold you and do skin to skin for a few hours right after you were born. They pulled you out and you were motionless, not crying, and the scariest color! I looked at you and was so scared you weren't going to take a breath. The nurse was so nervous and grabbed you and said, "I'm taking the baby." The doctor said, "not yet, we haven't cut the cord." Dad quickly cut the cord, the nurse shook you a bit, padding you frantically and you made your first cry. Everyone was freaked out but you came to and we cuddled and loved on you for hours feeling like we just witnessed a miracle straight from heaven.  We keep saying that.  How are we so blessed and lucky and fortunate to get you in our family? You are a little miracle! We love you.
Our first meeting. 

You are skinny!  Dad says sorry! Your ankles and fingers and wrists and bum are just tiny. Even though you weigh the same as your sis did at birth for some reason you just look so skinny! You were born at 7:05pm and 7.5lbs and 19.5 inches. Dad said you look like you have fro hair. Black curls every where. You have the cutest nose and dads lips and chin.
Kelsie brought lilies to the delivery room so I will always remember that amazing smell of lilies as I delivered and recovered in the hospital. I will always remember dad giving one of the nurses the name "long arms" and how seeing her made us want to get home as fast as we could. How we had the best care and loved our new doctor. How much time and effort he put in to making everything right again after the birth and taking us on at 35 weeks pregnant. We had the best experience and will always love your birthday because of this very first exciting one!

The kids were so excited to meet you so we had them come up at 9:30pm to see you. They gave you kisses and hugs and loves and wide wide in awe eyes from your sister Lydia.  She loved you in the bassinet but wasn't so sure seeing you in mamas arms.  Dad went and slept with the older kiddos and nana and mom slept at the hospital with you as every hour someone came knocking to check on you and mommy.  It's a learning hospital so there are more than ever checkers and nurses and residents etc so we had plenty people in and out of that room.  We were going to stay another night but then decided we better get home to no knocks. Mom and dad checked out about 24 hrs later and in the dark snowy night and in our pajamas made way for home! We thought we brought home the wrong baby once we arrived home because you were crying non stop and not sleeping and your eyes looked at me like, "I don't trust you." but after a few long hours we figured things out. Got you all toasty warm and had you snug and Bennett like again. We were cozy and happy at home.

First family photo with Bennett. Even though we can only see your cheek:)
New house and new baby! 
Packed up and headed for home

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