Wednesday, April 19

First month of Bennett

Lydia loves you so much. she has a vicious cuddle and all day long says, "wheres bennett?" she called you "new baby coming soon" to "new baby" to "new new" to "newnee." thats your  nickname right now newnee.

i don't know how i survived your first month.  We got you all set up in yaya and papas house, then moved, we are still moving with almost all your clothes in boxes, dad filmed march madness so he was gone all month long. We had Helens funeral, yaya and papa coming home, nana 60th birthday party, natalie getting engaged, half the extended family birthday parties. Moms birthday, Lydias 2 yr old bday. All while lydia is up almost more than you little newborn. And Tagg is into every single sport these days and needs at least 5 games of his favorite sport at the moment played daily.  So you have been in the wrap or my arms as we've played hockey all day, rugby all day, or football. It was honestly nutty.  But we survived.  You are thriving. You are sweet and only cry when hungry or gassy-which is kind of often but understood. I love you little Benny Boy and so so so so so so so so so so so so so grateful I get to be your mom!

                                                   Here are all your first visiting fans!

A snowy nap with the boys.  I couldn't quite capture the sweet scene this was but it was a magical moment because Brade was reading both you boys a book and you got sleepy and he got sleepy and the snow was falling and fresh on the ground and everything for a minute was absolutely perfect.

Tagg fell asleep he held you so long and lydia loves getting next to your nose


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