Wednesday, April 19

Lydi is TWO

We moved into our house on Lydias second birthday to a home with an incredible 80's mirror in the dining room. It looks like a dance studio.  Lydia loves a good dance party and a tutu so we decided to deliver tutus to her girl cousins to join in on a birthday dance party.

We had bowls of her favorite food...
Kelsie taught them the cutest little ballet routine to beautiful ballet music she found and then we let them dance wild to welcome to my house and x's and o's -two of lydias favorite songs.


loves "moot" snacks, avocados, mangos, circle cheese, apple juice, "spicy" drinks, swinging, playing taggs imaginary games, cuddling so close-like on top of you close, loves running, her bike, mountains, climbing up the slide, painting nails, wearing her tutu, hates wearing shoes and socks. has the cutest blonde curls and unbelievable deep brown eyes.

not a big sweet tooth. Can't finish a cookie. Hates sleep and bedtime. So dang sweet in every way. Your voice is high and sweet and you are so good at saying please and thank you. drink requests all day long. 5 sippys a day. Happy darling beautiful and fun. Teaser to your older brother. Talking in full sentences. "Baby brother coming soon." all day long.

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