Wednesday, April 19

New House!

January is long and we decided to use it as our house hunt month. The very first day of January we pulled up a house on zillow and loved it.  We had one day to see it before Brady went on a work trip so we quickly made an appointment to go through it January 2nd.  We had just went sledding so we were in all our winter gear and Jennie had just been skiing and her family was in the driveway all in their winter gear.  We quickly walked through it on a snowy snowy cold dark winter day.  It seemed magical and happy and CLEAN. We walked away and said thats an awesome house.  A few weeks later we got the news we needed a house even sooner so we jumped on the chance to try and make this house ours.  We went through it again and knew it needed to be ours.  We worked hard to get everything to line up and close on time and everyone has commented on how fast and smooth things have gone.  Even the seller said he wanted to change the closing date to February 19th which was our due date. We thought that was so strange that not just us but he wanted to speed things up as well. We had already been working on being pre approved for a loan and things just lined up and I'd call it no coincidence.

We went in to sign all the house paperwork the day before Bennett was born.  Then on the delivery table we got a text telling us the keys were ready for pick up just as our baby was arriving.  Such a wild wild wild wild month we have had!

The kids love the place and we are excited to make a house our home!
First night at the house! We filled the gas tank and noticed Bennetts name!

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